Authorized distributor of Locust mini-loaders.

Current Client Results:

  • 2% conversion rate landing page
  • The cost per lead is $57
  • No analytics
  • No marketing strategy

Project Objectives and Goals:

  1. Conversion rate increase
  2. Cost per lead reduce
  3. Expand dealers network

Tools used in the project

What did we do?

Strategy planning

We found out estimated numbers like sales, ad spent, leads, and conversion rates for all funnel stages. Also, we did keyword research and grouping (clustering).

Multiple Landing Pages Creation

Landing Pages development included:

  • Brand new offer
  • Landing page prototype
  • High-conversion design
  • Coding a website

Advertising customization

Data like city, keyword, or product are displayed according to visitor request and location to make the client more loyal.

PPC and Targeted Ad

We created custom advertising campaigns at Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Analytics Setup

We did an analytics setup to track results including:

  • Lead forms tracking
  • Call tracking system
  • Chatbot scripts for a website
  • All advertising data were integrated into Google Analytics
  • Another API integrations.

Ad Start

We launched separated advertising campaigns for each state of a country.

Daily Reports

Each day we analyzed ad performance and optimized it.

The Results


Conversion Rate


Cost per Lead


Leads Monthly


Cost per Lead Reduce

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