The company offers some tuning services for premium car owners. Default and electric auto tint, soft door closers installation, electronic exhaust controllers, etc.

Current Client Results:

Nothing, business just started

Project Objectives and Goals:

  1. Generate relevant traffic
  2. Finalize services
  3. Start sales

Tools applied in the project


What did we do?

Strategic Planning

Because of the low budget, we decided to start with Instagram video advertising and account management to warm up cold leads. Leads were generated by Facebook lead form, direct messages, and WhatsApp.

Instagram Account Management

We created a plan, checklist, and recommendation for Instagram account activities. Everyday posts and stories were started. Also, we made some recommendations regarding self-brand promotion for business owner’s account to make it vital.

New Offers Creation

Working closely with the client, we generated 3 new offers to attract relevant users.

Scripts Creation

We created 3 different video scripts based on new offers. The placements we chose were stories and feed.

Promo Filming

Our first task was to prepare the client’s office for filming as they didn’t make it before. When everything was ready, we filmed 3 videos for stories and 3 others for the feed, just with iPhone and wireless (lapel) microphone.

Video Editing

We did some editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, created subtitles, and added some graphic effects to videos. All this was needed to make the video more impressive and viral.

Buyers Persona Creation

Collaborating with the client, we created a buyer’s persona to make targeted advertising more effective.

Instagram Advertising Run

We already had audiences and promo clips, then we just started ad campaigns.

First Product Ads Run

After launching ads for the first product, we received 2000 leads with an average price of $1.

Production and Sales Issues

Manufacturing challenges and long-term contracts made generating profit impossible at that time.

Next Products

After brainstorming with the client, we decided to start another product. When it was ready, ads started.

Second Launch

The second product got an amazing result as 500 leads with a $0.5 cost per lead. But we faced the same troubles again.

Market Analysis

We researched the market to find another product with calculating all numbers like profit, competitors ads spent, and contract terms. Chosen product was expensive and high profit. Ads were started.

Winning Product

640 leads with a $4 cost per lead were the result of the advertising campaign.

Start-up Became a Business

After a few testing campaigns for searching for the winning product, we did it. Start-up is generating profit now.

The Results


Visitors per mont


New leads


Average cost per lead

8 months

It took to achieve sales plan KPI

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